Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekly Movie Poster #1

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Thought I would start something new on this blog which would be a weekly regular feature - the sharing of unique, beautiful or just plain snazzy movie advertisement art. This brilliant poster for Army of Darkness is, like many created by the Japanese to advertise western films, so very much cooler than its U.S. counterpart. Retitled Captain Supermarket in the East, it pays homage to Ash's humble day-job as a clerk in S-Mart's sporting goods section before he became one of Medieval England's most legendary kickers of undead heiney. It has a lovely, spastic Warholian quality and I love the touch of the soup cans bearing Bruce Campbell's name, not to mention the shopping bag with the chainsaw and boomstick poking out of the top. I'm really not sure why there are dolphins in the background, though.