Saturday, March 10, 2007

Carrozza on Fukasaku

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My good friend, fellow filmmaker and Asian cinema expert Jules Carrozza has created a loving and compresensive documentary tribute to his favorite filmmaker, Kinji Fukasaku. Fukasaku is most familiar to us westerners for the Japanese language segments of Tora! Tora! Tora! and for his 2000 youth-gone-wild masterpiece Battle Royale. But the man produced some 60-odd films from seemingly every genre during a 40-year career, including yakuza gang films (the Battles Without Honor and Humanitiy series), science fiction (The Green Slime), samurai movies (The Yagyu Clan Conspiracy), disaster movies (Virus) and much more. Jules' documentary, in which he chronologically covers his 14 favorite of Fukasaku's movies, is in eight parts on YouTube.

Part 1 - Black Lizard and If You Were Young: Rage
Part 2 - Under the Flag of the Rising Sun and Battles Without Honor and Humanity
Part 3 - Graveyard of Honor and Cops vs. Thugs
Part 4 - Yakuza Graveyard and The Yagyu Clan Conspiracy
Part 5 - Message from Space and Virus
Part 6 - Samurai Reincarnation and The Legend of the Eight Samurai
Part 7 - Crest of Betrayal and Battle Royale
Part 8 - Battle Royale (continued)