Friday, March 23, 2007

Imaginary Cinema

My friend Arran, who goes by "Darth Homer" on the Tim Burton Collective, has started a website entitled Imaginary Cinema, a comprehensive history of science fiction, fantasy and horror films from the early 70's to the present. So far, there are just three biographical articles on George Lucas, James Cameron, and Tim Burton, although more is sure to follow soon. It's really nice to see someone put this much effort and intelligence into a site dealing with these kinds of movies - most of the internet sites I'm used to seeing are either focused on Hollywood's golden age, or on fringe b-movie drive-in fare. It seems a lot of critics and film lovers are somewhat ashamed to admit how much they love Steven Speilberg and Star Wars, but if you ask me, they're every bit as important to cinema as John Ford and Citizen Kane.

In addition to this, everybody's favorite movie-ubergeeks over at Aint It Cool News are compiling a new series of articles about movies that came out in the summer of 1982, one of the high points of 80's genre cinema. I usually don't read AICN, as their writing style could only be called "conversational" if I'm feeling really, really generous, but Alan "Nordling" Cerny's piece on E.T. absolutely warmed my heart. Thanks to Andrew for the link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Barbara Kingsolver:

"If we can't, as artists, improve on real life, we should put down our pencils and go bake bread."

8:08 AM  
Blogger Arran said...

I only just noticed the plug for my site! Thanks, Jack!

1:37 PM  

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